Monday, February 24, 2014

GTA San Andreas - Bakhara Market (DYOM WIP)

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hey, I think from now on, I'll try to write all GTA-Related post in English, since not only Malaysians played GTA San Andreas. But, my English isn't that good. You have been warned.
Well, enough said, here's an  update:

This APC was rigged from CS:S, downloaded from (Uploaded there by GM-robot, thanks dude. :D) and retextured(amateurly) by me. :P
The Humvees were also downloaded from and was originally in Paul98's CoD Vehicle Pack. But since the download link was broken, so...

Technical truck...Hmmm. Didn't remember where'd I downloaded them. Probably Salva's one from

Blackhawk - Also PROBABLY from Salva's MW Vehicles pack.

Delta Force downloaded from Wolf  Pack Mods

P/s: The "Ranger" was actually a Medic for the USMC rigged from BF2. Also from Salva(Coz I knew he first converted it in his early years of being a modder)

Well, that is just that. And don't judge me for using the USMC's skin to replace the Ranger, coz I cant find any 3 color desert BDUs Army Replacement(Still with the PASGT Helmet and Vest. No Headset etc) and the only close one is KOHD's World In Conflict soldier models, but the files are removed. So, the Marine will just do since it has a woodland camo vest, desert BDUs(although pixelated) and the the USMC Lightweight Helmet,which was a modified PASGT helmet to be lighter and tougher. Meh. All is well then. :P

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