Thursday, March 20, 2014

SPM 2013 - Happiest day of All! :D

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hi all, :D
Yesterday I just went to school to get my results of SPM 2013(The great granddaddy of exams in my country) and alhamdulillah, I passed the exam. Even though I didn't passed it with flying colours, I am thankful that Allah still manage to give me these excellent results, considering that I lack any efforts. Truthfully, I didn't even struggle to have my Mathematics as A, I only target it to be at least at the C or B grade, but meh, I guess it was my luck then. Alhamdulillah. :)

BTW, here's the list of subjects and the grades I got for SPM 2013:
Bahasa Melayu(Malay Language) - B
Bahasa Inggeris(English Language) - A
Pendidikan Islam(Islamic Education) - B+
Sejarah(History) - A
Matematik(Mathematics) - A-
Geografi(Geography) - B
Matematik Tambahan(Additional Maths) - D
Fizik(Physics) - C
Kimia(Chemistry) - E
Biologi(Biology) - C+

Our school badge, stolen from its Facebook page, SMK Abdul Rahim Dua. :P

Also, I forgot to mention that the fail grade is G, not E or D. So, alhamdulillah is all that I can say. :D

After the results, we went together to the small town of Kudat to hangout with our long lost friends(when I mention long lost, I meant we're kinda separated by factors such as; work, home, time etc) and yet it was a great day for all of us. Having seeing our teachers frowned upon the last year's SPM candidates' results, this year, although not increasing the stats of our school in SPM, would at least show that their efforts weren't in vain. Thank you for all the teachers at SMK Abdul Rahim 2 and may Allah bless you all and your families. :D
Thank you for the bittersweet memories being formed there, and lastly, I almost forgot to mention, my girlfriend bought me this for my birthday,

Poyo in Malay means that someone who's actions are too drastic to be predicted. In my words. :P
Well, I guess that is all for this post, BTW, the mission pack is still on. I haven't got anytime to edit the 3rd Mission. If it was at its perfect condition, insyaAllah I would publish it. :D
Peace yo!

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