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(WiP)GTA San Andreas - Invasion of San Andreas Mission Pack

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Well, I haven't update my blog recently, since the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370. Some said it was hijacked, some even says it was blown out of the sky like Korean Airlines' 747 during the Cold War, which was shot down by Russian interceptors who thought it was an American Spy Plane(Because yes, US do have spy planes that looked like civilian airliners). Anyhow, MH370, wherever you are, we Malaysians and the whole world would always pray for the safety of your crew and passengers. :)
P/s: But not with a magic carpet and pair of coconuts, of course. :P

Now let's push that aside for a moment. A new DYOM Project by me. Titled: Invasion of San Andreas.

Now here's what I think about its story;
Prior to the Invasion
San Andreas, the land of peace and freedom, was threatened by its neigbouring country, the Democratic Alliance of Cronus, had been trying to invade San Andreas for a long time. Being recently independent from the United States, San Andreas was proved to have vital and yet strategic locations for resources and military expenses of the DAC. This was yet to be realized by the newborn government of San Andreas, but frictions against the DAC had increased since the capture of DAC agents within the states of San Andreas, causing havoc and disasters to key emplacements and facilities. Furthermore, DAC Agents were spreading propaganda among the citizens of San Andreas and had recruited a few locals to topple the current government to be replaced with a puppet ones controlled by the DAC. This, had led to officials of the San Andreas declaring a Martial Law over the states of San Andreas to control widespread riots sparked by agents of DAC, using the multi-racial background of San Andreas to provoke the riots.

June 6, 1994
DAC launched a surprise attack on where Las Venturas suffered from attacks by waves of Suicide Drones, attacking any key facilities. San Andreas' Air Force was spread thin and some are barely running to fend off the drones. Meanwhile in Los Santos, skirmishes are fought when an army unit patrolling the streets discover DAC Landing forces in East Beach. But later to be proven that almost every beach was assaulted by DAC and some key facilities had been captured. You play through the eyes of the young, yet talented, Corporal Vincent Parker, of the 101st Ranger Regiment(Airborne) and engage on a mission ranging from as simple as liberating a National Guard Depot to escorting the very important people of San Andreas.

P/s: Exaggerated much. Well, thats the story. Will upload missions on this site and update them here in my blog. I might do a timeline for this mission pack like the ones above. So stay tuned, or not. That is all. :P

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