Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rare Opportunity

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I wrote this a long time ago...but I kept it as a draft. Forgot to publish it since it was too damn awesome! Hahaha. Anyway here's my review of the Mod ROTR. I'm not quite good at reviewing and tend to be bias about this mod. Hoho.

I recently downloaded a mod for the PC Game Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour titled "Rise of the Reds". It was still on a beta stage of development, yet it just give me tons of fun! Here's the link to the mod's page in Moddb.

For me, I have tons of hours of play. I'm completely astonished by the facts that they overhauled almost everything of the game! This includes graphics, special abilities, amphibious units, naval units, ultra powerful units and many more. My favorite unit would be the ECA's (which stands for European Continental Army) Commando team support power that could be unlocked via Granted Security Protocols (in the normal gameplay terms, General's Promotion point). The team consists of two Demo experts from the SAS, two AT Experts from the Royal Marines Commandos (Also known better as the 1st "Green Berets" which originated from WW2) and 1 Medic from the Parachute Regiment. All of the used custom fitted L86A-something with silencers, which mean you can wreak havoc among divisions of infantry without them noticing (except for the conscript of the Russian Federation, which used IR Goggles to detect hidden infantry). They were air-dropped into the field with their Fennek APC, which also, remain in stealth if it stay put. The SAS demo charges, although not quite powerful as Colonel Burton's, can be one hell of a pain if used correctly. I usually paradrop 2-3 of them and have them all as my assault forces. The results? My commandos versus a whole base of Russians and they fell. xD I felt extremely good although losing few men in the process (those Tesla Coils were vicious, they'll zap your tanks and infantry alike!) Although they seem to be untouchables (planting a charge and using their silenced assault rifles wouldn't blow their stealth) they do seem to have a weakness. One obvious weakness is that they cant fend off air attacks; be it a helicopter or a fighter jet (the AT Specialist used Carl Gustav Recoilles Rifle) and they need a lot of micro management. They just stand still whenever they were detected by conscript with the IR Goggles upgrade! They didn't even shoot the damn conscripts unless I ordered to. It was also frustrating seeing your men got slaughtered mercilessly by just a bloody conscript. They're also not HERO type units, which mean they can be run over by vehicles. But so far, the Russian too have their own bad asses, such as the Apocalypse tank equivalent, Sentinel Tank, and Boris, which you can choose what loadout he utilize (a machinegun or an RPG) plus the VDV (Nobody but us! Bad ass motto you got there xD) which is the equivalent of ECA or USA airborne units. But I think that this mod is just bloody awesome. It has the right and equal balance of gameplay for each factions. The ECA with its turtle-esque behavior, the Gung-Ho Russian Forces, the sneaky bastards of the Global Liberation Army, the High-Tech Americans or the overwhelming army of China. Each factions just suits well with the theme of the game and it was worth tonnes of fun for me. I had fun blowing the crap out of my enemy from a safe distance as the ECA, storming them with pure firepower as Russia, sneakily taking advantages of the war as GLA, using a combined arms strategy of the USA, or even massive and human wave tactics as China. All of them just suits perfectly with the flow of the game.
I'd give it 10/10. :)

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